Stylish city-living renovation adds a touch of class in Bayonne

The northern Basque city of Bayonne is a charming and picturesque town. We love to stroll along the River Nive admiring the wonderful architecture along the way, consisting of Basque houses and half-timbered buildings with their distinctive colourful shutters. The area is lined with several cafes, bars and restaurants and is delightful.

Bayonne is also the home of clients with whom we have worked for several years. The couple own a 5th storey level apartment in the centre of town, constructed in the 1960s and in need of updating and renovation. The objective: bringing the lovely property up to modern 21st century standards; a fabulous new and contemporary kitchen and bathroom, a classy living room and dining areas.

So, in October 2019 we got to work! Grant and the team used a crane (see photos) to move all of the building materials and furnishings up to the 5th floor.

By the end of December, the project was completed. The couple love to decorate with strong, bold colours and have chosen verdant greens and a stunning black and white combination in their home. This imaginative and creative scheme helps to marry together the old with the new, resulting in a beautifully refreshed apartment.

The clients are now enjoying life in their tastefully refurbished apartment, a true embodiment of classical French city living in the 2020’s.

We enjoy taking on all manner of projects, large or small, in the countryside or in the city… making projects which sound impossible – possible!

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