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The Pays Basque: the best place to live in France?

Why do we believe this? The Pays Basque in south western France has an exceptional coastline, beautiful beaches, and superb food and drink, taking the very best produce from the sea and from the land. It has festivals during the year which are lively, colourful and fun, with a language that is unique in Europe and a culture which is very special.

History, culture and geography come together in this delightful region, to create a land and a people that are welcoming, successfully marrying old traditions with more and contemporary lifestyles in a way that is both inspiring and impressive.

There’s no doubt that the Pays Basque is exceptional as a place to live, to work and for a vacation. The Basque region covers both France and Spain, with the French side consisting of three provinces Labourd, Bas Navarre, and Soule on the Atlantic coast. It has a history of autonomy and independence which gives the region its own identity, flag and local cultural traditions.

Architectural heritage is extremely important. Throughout the area you will notice the distinctive style of the Maison Basque houses, either red (“Basque red”) and white or green and white in colour. As a company which has worked in the Pays Basque for many years, we understand the planning issues and cultural considerations which ensure that the region is so attractive and appealing to newcomers and those who have lived here all their lives.

Geographically the Pays Basque has the best of so many worlds, with its amazing coastline, pretty countryside and the magnificent Pyrénées mountains which are not too far away. If you are looking at the Basque coast there are plenty of resorts to choose from, starting at Hendaye on the Spanish border, next up Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Guéthary, Bidart (see photo), Biarritz before finishing at Tarnos Plage.

Finally, let’s not forget the delicious food and drink! Tasty Bayonne ham, sweet chilli peppers, excellent local seafood, especially oysters and mullet fish; perhaps enjoyed with a glass (or two…) of Jurançon wine.
We love living here – why not discover this stunning part of France for yourself? Whether you are looking for a second home or a permanent residence, it’s the perfect choice.

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