Summer and autumn festivals in Les Landes and Pays Basque

During the late summer and autumn, the days are gradually shortening but there is still plenty to enjoy in Les Landes and the Pays Basque with its many fêtes and musical events.

The warmth of the summer sun and the cooler evenings is a positive invitation to everyone to enjoy a good party, the streets rich in colour with the local celebrations.

Many villages and small towns continue with the tradition of a summer festival and it is a good way to meet people as well as sample the delicious food and drink. Indeed, there are at least 40 events in Les Landes during the first 3 weeks of August, ranging from our own community of Tihl (2 – 5 August) to the larger festival in Capbreton (9 – 11 August). There are sadly too many to name individually!

La Fête Du Sel is a 4 day festival (12, 13, 14 & 15 September) in the town of Salies-de-Béarn.   The name “Salies” derives from the French word “sel”(salt) to describe the saline water content in the surrounding area. Salt is recognised historically for its beneficial properties resulting in Salies-de-Béarn becoming a popular Spa town.  The festival programme includes concerts, street markets, dancing, parades and lots of other activities. It is not to be missed!

Another of our favourites is the La Fête du Piment à Espelette in the Pays Basque. The annual event takes place at the end of October (26 & 27) when the town is transformed into a riot of ruby red, spicy peppers (piments in French), which you can see displayed all around the town. The festival attracts 20,000 people and is now in its 51st year.

We hope you enjoy the rest of the summer.

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