Marrying the old with the new

What’s your preferred style of French property? A traditional farmhouse set in the countryside; an elegant town house or maybe a villa that’s perfect for a short trip to the beach…. Finding a dream in France is an exciting project and one full of possibilities. And if you’ve already bought your home, getting started with the renovation is the important next stage.

France has a rich and varied local heritage with different architectural styles evident in each part of the country. In the Landes and Pays Basques regions in south west France property construction similarly reflects the traditions and culture of these areas with a several distinctive building types.

The pretty red and white houses are typical of the Pays Basques region, generally rectangular in shape and constructed using stone; the Maisons Béarnaises identifiable from their steeply pitched tile or slate roofs; and half-timbered colombage farmhouses and houses which are popular in various parts of the Landes and Pays Basques.

In the Pays Basque the majority of colombage properties are farmhouses which have upper floors generally constructed in an oak timber frame. In the north Landes area – notable for the huge Forêt des Landes that covers two-thirds of the area, providing plenty of wood for local building trades – you will also find beach style houses and Oustaù properties notable for their wood pigeon wing-shaped roofs.

Once you’ve found your dream home in France and you’re planning your renovation project, deciding how to marry the old with the new is crucial: modernising your house whilst ensuring that the essential character of the building is sensitively retained.

We love these projects; working with you to create a home that has the look and feel that you’re seeking, whilst respecting the culture and traditional heritage of the local area. Often aspects of a build project can appear tricky, but with our know-how, experience and practical approach we will find a solution that works. And the finished article will be well worth the time and investment.

With us, we’ll make what may seem an impossible dream… possible.

Kiwi Construction delivers professional expertise, exceptional customer service and quality construction to all its’ clients covering the Biarritz and the Pays Basques and Landes departments.
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