Grant and Joeline

Making the impossible, possible

New Zealanders – or Kiwis – are well known for their can do attitude and optimistic approach to life. So when Grant and Joeline Norris and their family settled in south west France from their native land more than 25 years ago, they were determined to share this positive spirit amongst their new compatriots and French friends.

Making the impossible, possible is at the heart of what Kiwi Construction, the firm created by the couple after Grant finished playing rugby for Dax, offers to all its clients. Grant who is a qualified quantity surveyor and Joeline, a chartered accountant, have utilised their professional experience, know-how and understanding of the French culture and heritage to the benefit of their international clients.

The family have over the years successfully integrated into the community, with their children attending local schools and the whole family participating in social activities which characterise everyday life in the Landes. Their approach has been to marry their Anglophone culture with a deep appreciation and understanding of French values and approach. In particular, their experiences over the past two decades have helped shape their way of working by listening to the views of the older generations.

“There is always a way” is very much the Kiwi Construction philosophy – a determination to find a solution which works for the client and gets a job done successfully. This approach combines a focus on the customer and a respect for the traditions of their community, including the buildings and architecture which forms a key part of the region.

If you have a project which looks to be seemingly impossible – or you are seeking a fresh perspective – why not contact us? We love the challenge of all kinds of different renovation and construction projects, large or small.

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Kiwi Construction delivers professional expertise, exceptional customer service and quality construction to all its’ clients covering the Biarritz, the Pays Basque and Landes departments.

Grant & Joeline Norris
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