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Making your renovation project energy efficient

Renovating an older property in France can have a number of benefits. It can restore a building that has become derelict or is in extremely poor condition; perhaps improve the overall living environment or result in a home that is more thermally efficient. Whatever the objective of your renovation project – and perhaps it is all of these – it’s important to consider a number of factors and plan accordingly, including the re-design, materials and of course your budget.

Energy efficiency is crucial in many ways. Even in south-west France, during the winter months the weather can be cold at times which means that without good levels of insulation, you could lose a considerable amount of heat. This will result in potentially higher energy bills than is necessary – and a colder house.

Ensuring that the roof structure is sound, structurally robust and water-tight should be one of your first priorities. We have 25 years’ experience in constructing, renovating and repairing all manner of different roof types and we are able to advise you on the best and most appropriate form of insulation. We use insulation called “Super 12” which has the highest energy rating and is often used in older roof structures; it’s ideal when you want to retain an older aspect of a roof truss, for example. We only use insulation and other materials that are fully compliant with French regulations.

It’s also important to think about the efficiency of any boiler, central heating system or wood burner to ensure that they are well-maintained, appropriate to the size of your property and remain fit for use.

You may also not be aware that there are some financial incentives available to permanent French residents with regard to energy efficiency. This includes being able to offset some of your income tax liability against the cost of materials and equipment and a reduced level of TVA. To find out more concerning eligibility, we recommend you discuss this with a qualified French-based accountancy firm.

Warmer weather may now be on its’ way – but springtime is the perfect time to plan ahead and ensure that your home is warm and thermally efficient for next winter.

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