Exploring the delightful great lakes and coastline of the Landes

Spectacularly beautiful coastline, glorious sandy beaches, great lakes and pine forests…. Welcome to the Les Landes in South West France.

This stunningly attractive region has been our home for 30 years.  We love the people, the lifestyle, the delicious food and drink and also the exceptional heritage and history… and for us it is the sheer natural beauty which Les Landes offers that makes this a great place to live.

If you are someone who enjoys the outdoors and the natural landscape, this part of France is a treat and is a perfect choice to go biking, hiking, horse riding and – of course – the fantastic opportunities for surfing and all kinds of water sports.

The area known as the Côte Nature et Grands Lacs stretches from Léon in the south to Sanguinet to the north, a land of open space, beaches and luxuriant vegetation, with the vast pine forests edging the sandy beaches.  Between these two points there are impressive lakes which are ideal for fishing and water activities, small ports and marinas offering superb sailing experiences and plenty of flora and fauna. All-in-all, Les Landes is an oasis of nature providing a close connection with the wildlife and natural world that we share our planet with.

Whenever we have the chance, we love to take the bikes and cycle around the region, taking the time to stop, relax and appreciate the magnificent countryside and coastline.

In truth, it is difficult to say which part of the region we love the most, as the choice is so varied. However, if you live in Les Landes or come here as a visitor, we would love to know what your favourite place is… click on the Facebook Messenger link https://m.me/KiwiConstructionFrance?ref=w6184123

Kiwi Construction delivers professional expertise, exceptional customer service and quality construction to all its’ clients covering the Biarritz, the Pays Basque and Landes departments.


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