Enjoying the outdoor life this summer in France

During a cold winter spell, it can be difficult to remember those long summer days! However this time of year is perfect for planning and thinking ahead on how to improve the use of your outdoor space.


We all know how we feel when we’re outside, whether it is our own garden, walking along a sandy beach or taking a relaxing stroll in the forest. Outdoor living can reduce stress and boost our immune system, so these alone are two good reasons to review how we can spend time outside in the sunshine and cool, balmy evenings.


Creating an outdoor room or living space which is comfortable, relaxing and has enough shade as well as light are the key objectives for any project.


  • Constructing a pergola is one idea. Pergolas have lots of benefits; they are great for outdoor dining and entertaining, can provide shelter and shade alongside a pool, add a natural extension from your house to the garden and look aesthetically pleasing too. A pergola is undoubtedly a place which can be a discreet hideaway and peaceful.


  • Outdoor kitchens have the benefit of being practical as well as fun. Building an outdoor kitchen in your garden means that you can be closer to family and friends when entertaining, so that you can enjoy the party, too! They are also useful, because it can reduce the time you spend taking food from indoors to the garden – allowing you to focus on the preparation.


  • Relaxing in a hot tub is something that many of us dream of…they can make you feel nice, warm, and relaxed – at any time of year. So even if the temperature drops during the winter, you can still experience a dip in the hot tub!


These are just a few ideas on how to plan your outdoor living this summer. Please get in touch to discuss your project with us.


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