6 Reasons why you’ll love your outdoor kitchen 🍴

Summer or outdoor kitchens have been popular in France for many years. For people who like entertaining or simply enjoy the chance to cook in the fresh air, there is nothing to beat the experience.
Outdoor kitchens can also vary in their complexity, from the installation of just a few appliances through to creating a more elaborate space for preparing meals. Key factors will be your budget and the available space.
Why install an outdoor kitchen? We believe there are six main reasons:-
1. Great for entertaining. Throwing a party for family and friends is much easier – and whilst you prepare the food and drinks you can still be at the centre of the fun! It’s also a more enjoyable way to spend time with others compared to eating out at a restaurant, especially on a warm summer’s evening in the garden.
2. Keeps the smells outside. It’s fair to say that there are some foods which can produce less pleasant odours when cooking, such as onions, bacon, broccoli – and of course, burnt food! However if you cook outside, the smells will not linger as long.
3. Improve the taste of your food. Yes, it’s true! (We think so anyway…) Food tastes much better when cooked outside. It can be healthier too as we tend to use more grills, vegetables, salads and leaner foods.
4. Less to and from the kitchen indoors. Cooking in an outdoor kitchen is easier because you do not need to transport food, crockery and cutlery from indoors to out. This can be particularly useful when serving hot food and is likely to mean fewer breakages, too!
5. It’s good for your health. Being outside is a proven benefit to our mental health, the outdoors stimulating our senses and improving our overall mood.
6. Saves on energy bills. You’ll be using less electricity for indoor lighting and creating less heat indoors, which can be useful for lowering bills if you have an air conditioning system.
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