Inspirational architecture that inspires us

The heritage, traditions and architecture of our area has inspired so ever since we first moved to the Landes twenty years ago.

Dax is a case in point. Grant used to play rugby for Dax, and over the years we have come to really appreciate and enjoy what the town has to offer, whether this is the Dax Feria festival held during the summer or the lovely buildings within this important spa town.

Renovating property is of course our raison d’être. We enjoy the challenge of restoring properties, retaining the essential character of a building whilst updating and modernising to ensure that it is a comfortable place to live in.

The Hotel Splendid in Dax is a great example of a building that was reborn. The architect was André Granet, designing the hotel in the era of the ‘roaring twenties’ in 1928. Therefore the building has as a distinctive Art Deco style, and was frequented by many famous people, one example being the writer Ernest Hemingway.

Locals will know it is an extremely large hotel totalling 13,500 m2 in size, comprising 149 rooms and suites. However, in recent years the hotel building deteriorated, closing in 2013.

Fortunately, that though is not the end of the story!

Work began in 2014 to renovate the Hotel Splendid and over a period of four years was lovingly restored by a large team of artisans, including work on the chandeliers of the hall of the staircase. The reconstruction project cost more than 16,5m€ and reopened in the spring of 2018.

We think it is a truly wonderful building – a real asset to Dax. We hope you do too.

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Photo Credit: Hotel Splendid

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