3 reasons to love Christmas in South West France

If you love Christmas, then there are plenty of reasons to choose the south west France and here are our three favourites. The Landes, Pays Basque and Béarn in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region each have their own distinctive identity, culture, food and drink: and Christmas is no exception.

1. Food and drink. Le Réveillon is the traditional Christmas meal on 24th December, where family and friends gather to enjoy a feast of culinary delights, usually consisting of 7 or 8 courses. A French Christmas would be incomplete without oysters and in this part of the world the Hossegor oysters are the finest, usually served as an appetiser with a glass of champagne, of course! Seafood is an important ingredient as well, with gambas (a type of large shrimp) and other types of fish on the menu; followed by either a succulent goose, a capon chicken or a tasty duck and of course foie gras. Let’s not forget either the delicious cheeses from the Pyrénées …

2. Christmas markets. France is famous for its’ markets and Christmas is no different. You will discover Marchés de Noël throughout December, with many towns and larger villages providing the perfect opportunity to spend time looking for gifts or ornate decorations in the brightly coloured chalets and stalls. Especially in the smaller markets, the products will generally be made by local artisans and are of good quality. There is also plenty of delicious food to satisfy our appetites and vin chaud to warm us on the colder winter evenings.

3. Christmas lights. Even in the smaller towns and villages, local people take real pride in their decorations, with the sparkly lights illuminating brightly against the dark December skies. Definitely worth a trip out in the evening to soak up the festive atmosphere.

These are just three reasons why we so enjoy Christmas in this beautiful part of South West France: what do you love most about the festive season?

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